Come and see this year’s final projects

Wednesday, 17th Feb 2021


Date: Saturday, 27th February

Time: 11am – 7pm

Location: CIID House, Bario Escalante, San José, Costa Rica


Please bring: Your mask and headphones

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We are excited to announce that we will celebrate the first students to graduate from the Interaction Design Programme (IDP) in Costa Rica at the end of February. After an intense curriculum, 26 talented designers from all over the world will demonstrate their new found knowledge and skill-sets through their Final Exhibition.

This exhibition will showcase a wide range of design solutions through an impressive collection of tangible and visual prototypes. Covering environmental and social issues, art, education and the extension of the human senses – the projects will demonstrate the multi-disciplinary, exploratory, and potentially disruptive nature of Interaction Design.

Many of the projects take a life-centered approach and have considered the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We hope that these projects won’t stop at this exhibition and that people will continue to develop their concepts into actual products and services that will impact positively on people and the planet.

To ensure the safety of our guests and graduates, we need to limit the number of visitors in the building to 25 per hour so it is vital that you sign up with the time you and your guests would prefer to attend. If there are no spaces for that time, we will offer you another possibility.

Each session will start on the hour (e.g. 11am, 12, 1pm, 2pm etc) and you will have 45 minutes to see the projects inside the studio. We then encourage you to visit our garden where you will see the remainder of the projects and enjoy a refreshment.

If you are not able to attend the exhibition in person, you will still have the opportunity to see the work as we will be hosting a virtual exhibition at the end of March.

In real-life or virtually – we hope you can join us to experience the projects and meet our talented designers.


Safety Protocol:

The exhibition will comply with COVID19 guidelines to ensure the safety of our guests and students:

  • Before entering, someone from the CIID team will take your temperature and give you hand sanitizer.
  • The layout of the well-ventilated space will be one-way, leading towards the garden.
  • Please respect any signs on the tables/floor when interacting with a project.
  • We will limit the number of guests in the space at any one time to avoid crowds.
  • We will respect a minimum of 2m distance between projects.
  • The projects will be sanitized between visitors and the tables/floors cleaned every hour.