Zaza Zuilhof

Zaza is a maker of interactive products. She loves to work with her hands and head. Explores how making influences thinking and the other way around. Going back and forth between making and thinking, she designs for playfulness, magical moments and creative interpretation.

You will find Zaza in her element when she works with her hands on things like PCB’s, Arduino’s, sketches, laser cutters, Papermate pens, wood, code, soldering irons, video and paper animations. While working with her hands Zaza likes to set her mind to think about topics like neuroscience, education, play and future society.

Zaza was educated as a BSc in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven. In 2013 she attended the IDP at CIID. In the past Zaza worked as Junior Designer at NYOYN, designing and building educational games for their interactive products. Later she ventured into exhibition design with Mediamatic and an Amsterdam based museum. Currently she combines her love for exhibitions and interactive products, and making and thinking at Tellart in Amsterdam.

Climbing, snowboarding, kitesurfing, drinking nice coffee and traveling with backpack are other things you can invite Zaza for.