Xin Wei Sha

Sha Xin Wei, Ph.D., is the Incoming Director of Arts, Media + Engineering at ASU. He is currently Canada Research Chair in media arts and sciences, and Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada. Since 2001 he has directed the Topological Media Lab, an atelier-laboratory for the study of gesture and materiality from computational and phenomenological perspectives. Sha’s research concerns ethico-aesthetic improvisation, and a topological approach to morphogenesis and process philosophy. With the TML, Sha creates responsive environments for ethico-aesthetic improvisation.

Sha Xin Wei will join the CIID research team for 12 months starting from October 2014 as the Intel Fellow @ CIID. His work will centre on interactive and tactile digital publishing and printing, future designs of publishing and mediatic forms and communication.