Simone Rebaudengo

Simone is an Interaction Designer at Frog in Shanghai where he designs digital, tangible and behavioral interfaces – and tortures many objects. In his work he tries to build futures that are not perfect glass homes, but something that looks like a messy present with some unexpected glitches.

He started as product designer but then realised that he preferred sensors to chairs. He moved to Sweden where he was a researcher at Mobile Life Institute, designing Pervasive Gaming experiences. He graduated from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, where he focussed on tangible interfaces, interactive spaces and playing with generative architecture.

In 2011 during a collaboration with Usman Haque and Pachube, he tried to install an “addicted toaster” in the office of the British Prime Minister. Since then he’s been talking about it at TEDx, UX London, Dconstruct, and SolidCon. He was awarded “Best in Show” and “Best in Category-Engaging” at the Interaction Awards ’14 and for Speculative design at the Core77 awards. His work has been featured on Fastcompany, Wired, and The Atlantic.