Simon Herzog

Simon is a maker, designer, and consultant focused on the needs of young and emerging companies. He manages CIID’s Professional Programmes, which are intensive, multi-day workshops coming on demand to companies or the public in major cities around the world. Prior to this, he was the strategic manager of the Nest, CIID’s own early-stage and design-driven startup incubator. He has advised dozens of entrepreneurs on their business plans, strategy, communications, and investor pitches. 

Years of working in New York’s startup scene gave Simon the rare opportunity to see scores of pitches to angel investors and venture capitalists, with the unique insights of hearing the investors’ closed-door assessments afterwards. He is focused on helping entrepreneurs identify and communicate value and develop products and services with a people-centric focus.

Simon holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Columbia University and is a graduate of CIID’s 2014 Interaction Design Programme.