Shamik Ray

Shamik is a Senior Product Designer at Spotify in Stockholm where his team is helping grow the music service in the developing world by making it more relevant and accessible to people with technical, economic and cultural barriers.

He considers himself to be an outcome-driven and entrepreneurial designer who in the last 6 years has had the opportunity to work in global teams as well as start-ups in India, Denmark, UK, and Sweden. His expertise lies in conceptualization, prototyping, and storytelling and through the years, He has seen his role as a designer slowly evolve from ‘making things’ to ‘making things happen’. As an alumnus of the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and CIID, it was during his stint as an entrepreneur-in-residence at the CIID Nest that he first learned the importance of understanding business in order to create impact through design.

When not designing, he takes a keen interest in mentoring, food and fitness, being a hobbyist musician and reading a lot of non-fiction.