Rebeca Mora

I am Rebeca Mora and I live in the mountains of Costa Rica, I have a Ph. D. in Science. My academic and personal experiences provide me with the background ideal for collaborative work. I have academic experience in Biology and, more recently, Biodesign.

Since 2008, I have held the position of Principal Investigator of the Biological Structures Group within the Celular and Molecular Biology Research Center and I am also a researcher in The Materials Science and Engineering Research Center, both of the University of Costa Rica. As part of my responsibilities, I supervise the training of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary groups of undergraduate and graduate students in research involved with subjects such as architecture, engineering, design, entomology and biology. Further, from 2007 to 2010, I worked with PROINNOVA, the technology transfer office of the University of Costa Rica, as coordinator of Innovation Managers, facilitating the effective transfer of knowledge and the generation of innovations in the private sectors through licensing of intellectual property. In 2011, I graduated as a Biomimicry Specialist from the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute.

I now serve as a consultant and professor at the Faculty of Architecture, and School of Biology at the University of Costa Rica. I was a TED speaker in my country a few years ago and I highlighted how my professional history and diversity of work experiences –- ranging from pure academia to the corporate world in PROINNOVA –- have led me to the world of Biodesign, which is fueled by respect and admiration for nature to inspire new design.

The Biomimicry discipline, my recent authentic passion and the inspiration of much of the raw, unbridled curiosity in my life, has been my best mentor for transdisciplinary design. To this day, I conduct research mostly related to the question: How does Nature creates color and nano structural arrays in insects?

As an important part of my professional and personal goals, I want Costa Rica to be recognized not only as a friendly country that prioritizes education over building an army, but also as a promoter of solutions for global challenges, and innovator of conscientious design and novel ways of sustainable living. For this, I know that collaboration with colleagues from around the world with different ways of thinking is crucial.