Rahul Lindberg Sen

Visiting Faculty
Country: India

As the manager of a multi-faceted design team at Spotify, Rahul ensures his designers have clear creative direction, creative space and processes in place to make products that are innovative and desirable. He’s interested in all the ways that create great design culture within organizations because he believes great design culture builds lasting products while retaining the best talent.

As a designer, he prefers working on strategic, ‘future’ projects. These projects typically are more visionary in nature, where the team is encouraged to think outside the box or several steps ahead of the current product – to invent that which does not exist yet. Spotify Running was the most recent example.

Prior to Spotify, Rahul was an Experience Design Director at R/GA (New York) where he worked across the Nike ecosystem – Commerce, Brand and finally Nike Digital Sport (Nike+). At the time of leaving R/GA, he was an experience design lead on the Nike+ Web/Platform team.

Rahul designs organizations and products using his foundation in Theatre, Architecture and Interaction Design. A decade in Theatre instilled a strong spirit of observation and understanding of human behavior in him, while a Bachelors in Interior Architecture opened his mind to product narratives and construction – almost all of which he apply daily in my work.

Over the past 10 years, Rahul has lived and worked in the USA, Sweden, India, France and Germany for global brands like Nike, Microsoft, HP, Nokia, Spotify, Maquet, GE Healthcare, Proctor and Gamble, Roche and Huawei.