Nina Christoffersen

Nina is an Interaction and Service Designer from Copenhagen. Until recently she was working as a consultant in the CIID Consultancy. Nina originally studied marketing and international management, and her studies her interest in entrepreneurship and cultural/management development led her to explore the more creative and user centric side of innovation. Nina went on to study a Msc. in Digital Design and Communication (specialising in user centred design) and then participated in the Interaction Design Pilot Year at CIID.

Nina has strong skills in strategic analysis and storytelling, which together with her natural curiosity and empathy for people acts as a powerful combination of strengths. It allows her to understand complex problems areas, gain deep insights and then translate these into new design opportunity areas.

Nina has worked and studied across multiple European countries. Most recently, she was a Human Factors specialist at IDEO, in Munich, Germany, where she worked on innovation projects for industries ranging from fast moving consumer goods to the medical field.

Nina’s work has focused on design research and front end innovation. You will also find her facilitating innovation workshops or experimenting with new design methods.

'People inspire me. Getting a glimpse into their everyday life, understanding their needs, and designing for them, is the greatest part about my job'