Mette Harrestrup

Country: Denmark

Mette Harrestrup is assistant professor and head of the Department of Communication Design at Kolding School of Design. Her introduction of the term ‘sensogram’ springs from her inclusion of other senses than sight in her Ph.D. project: Fra piktogram til sensogram. Here she explores sign design and wayfinding in an interactive context.

As a graphic designer and interaction designer she wondered why expression in the wide use of analogue and static signs and pictograms has changed so little since the 1930s. Based on this observation she experiments with the body’s additional sensory modalities, body-phenomenology and design of atmosphere. Bridging graphic design with interaction design and practice with theory is her specialty. Most of all she wants to design happiness.

Mette Harrestrup graduated as a graphic designer from Kolding School of Design in 1997. Her studies also included studies at Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten in Utrecht, The Netherlands and further training within interaction design.