Martin Skau

Head of IT
Nationality: Danish

Martin Skau is in charge of the CIID IT platform and strategy. Martin lays cables, solders, programs, maintains servers, workstations, peripherals and software, and gives all kinds of IT-related advice. He makes sure the IT strategy and business goals of CIID meet.

Martin had his first job as a programmer in 1989, where he developed software-based translation systems to automate the process of translating patent-applications.

After his studies in comparative literature and philosophy at the University of Copenhagen, Martin worked as IT project manager with a large database project for the European Commission, working in 25 European countries. European culture runs in his veins, and Bach fugues are behind every line of his code, waves of Virginia Woolf run through every stretch of cable he lays.

Around 2000 Martin served as IT manager for a consulting company where he was also in charge of survey systems, data-analysis and reporting. A major project was the use of hand-held touch-screen devices to collect patient feedback at hospitals.

From 2004 Martin worked as an independent IT consultant, providing IT management and support for small businesses, and providing database-, programming- and analysis expertise to very large organisations – among others the Danish Defense, the Danish Ministry of Employment, Novo Nordisk, and the Department of Forensic Medicine at Copenhagen University.

Martin has solid experience in project management, database design, application- and web-programming, data-analysis and reporting, IT security, IT documentation, hardware installation and maintenance, IT infrastructure, and IT budget planning.