Marcin Ignac

A Polish artist, programmer, designer living in London, UK. Marcin visualises data, creates artificial life forms, experiments with technology and combines his passion for graphics with the art of programming.

Marcin earned a Bachelor’s in Computing Science from Poznan University of Technology. He continued his education in the area of Intelligent Decision Support Systems for 2-years but made the decision to leave after discovering the Intermedia course at Faculty of Multimedia Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts where he played with interactive art installations and visualisations.

During his studies he worked part-time at Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center as an interface designer and as a freelance graphics designer/programmer. His work has been exhibited twice and he has offers for further collaboration. As a member of the Polish demoscene group DMA, he tries to move pixels in 3d space to the rhythm of electronic music.

Constantly looking for inspiration he never refuses to try new interfaces and software, or to develop his own. He perceives himself to be an artist and an engineer rolled in to one, so in his projects he tries to mix his passion for graphics with the art of programming: “I don’t do things that can’t be seen”.