Marc Rettig

Examiner 2013
Country: US

After an eager first career in software systems and an influential career in ethnographic research and interaction design, Marc finds himself confronting questions: “How can we take all we have learned about business and technology innovation and apply it to social and organizational innovation?” “How can teams, companies and organizations break the pattern of trapping possibilities in the structures and processes of the past?” In pursuit of answers, Marc is drawing ideas and methods from design and creative practices, organizational change, facilitation, co-design, living systems theory and personal development.

Marc is founding principal of Fit Associates LLC. Fit offers creative experiences that transform teams and organizations by connecting their culture, design and decisions to life outside their offices and to their own core purpose. After a first career in software systems, Marc has spent more than fifteen years supporting the design of interactions, products, and services. He has worked with corporations in many sectors, including Philips, Nissan, Microsoft, Comcast, Whirlpool, Seagate and SAP, as well as numerous startup companies.

Marc is on the faculty of the groundbreaking MFA in Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He was the 2003 Nierenberg Chair of Design at Carnegie Mellon University’s Graduate School of Design, and has also taught at the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago.