Katrine Rau

IDP Final Project Examiner – 2015

Katrine Rau is a Senior UX Researcher at GE. She is also a co-founder of the Service Design Network Denmark, a Danish chapter of the Service Design Network (SDN). Katrine spent two years on the management team of SDN as a Chapter Board Representative helping chapters grow around the world.

She is passionate about seeing companies change from within. Taking a user-centric approach towards product and service creation can transform organizations. The transformation happens over time and requires strength and trust by the teams that are driving the change and the teams that are affected by the change. It is not an easy process.

Katrine believes that strong process facilitation skills and strategic design methods are part of the equation for driving this transformation. It is about facilitating the conversations and bringing people together to find consensus.

She has worked with Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations and healthcare groups to identify business challenges and solve user problems through service innovation. Currently, Katrine helps innovate services at GE through design research and internal education.

Her passions include user research, service innovation and organizational design for non-profit, public and healthcare sectors. Additionally, Katrine’s professional background includes designing experience strategies for retail, product manufacturers and mobile technology manufacturers.