Kate Burn

Kate Burn is a Design Researcher based in London. A deep-rooted curiosity about what makes people tick led Kate into a career in Service Design and eventually into her current role as a Design Research Lead at IDEO London, where her work aims to bring a healthy dollop of humanity into the way we design for the future, by helping businesses understand people, envision where they’re heading and work out how to start moving towards tomorrow, today.

She seeks new horizons in design research methods to inspire teams and clients tackling evermore complex and systemic challenges, by marrying ethnography with a view on trends and a combination of other –often unconventional– qualitative and quantitative approaches, and working with multidisciplinary teams on buildy projects to make strategic, human-centred thinking, tangible.

Previously, at Participle, Kate helped design, develop and prototype a suite of innovative services that aimed to change people’s lives and influence public policy in the UK by addressing ageing + loneliness, health + wellness, and employability.  (Read more in founder Hilary Cottam’s book Radical Help,published June 2018).

Kate likes finding joy in everyday mundanity, believes sharing food grows hearts and minds, seeks inspiration in nature, and gets excited about

She’s passionate about career mentorship, and enjoys leading sessions on human centred design as a speaker, industry partner and workshop chair, including at the Design Research Society conference, PUCP Peru, and Hyper Island.