Kara Pecknold

Visiting Faculty
Country: Canada

Kara Pecknold is an Associate Creative Director at frog with a focus on Design Research. As a designer and researcher, she is interested in the dynamic insights found at the intersection of people, products and systems and has worked on projects with companies that are focused on consumer products and services, international development, health care, energy management, transportation and education. She is also the lead for frog’s Collective Action toolkit, a collaboration and creativity tool for group problem solving that is being used worldwide.

She has spent time in Rwanda working with rural households on both economic development and nutrition programs and in Ghana working to better understand how to build mobile products for smallholder farmers. Recently, she had the chance to teach design research in Myanmar as a means to improve community development outputs. A personal highlight of her career has been creating a design dinner event that allows designers and civic leaders to share a meal while using design process to look at how they could innovate the city of the future.

She hails from Vancouver but now lives in Munich and has a master’s degree in Design from Emily Carr University.