Jenna Date

Country: US

Jenna Date is a consultant, educator, beekeeper, urban gardner, and Pittsburgh history buff. She is a supporter of children with Cystic Fibrosis, victims of violent crimes, and the elderly. She’s interested in life long learning, nature deficit disorder, and what effect technology is having on our health, our psyche, and our culture.

She sees Design as a catalyst for change in the way we work together, what we create, and how we are in the world. Through that lens, she continues to work with designers, engineers and executives to make their products, services and processes better for their organizations and their customers.

Jenna directed the Masters in Human-Computer Interaction (HCII) at Carnegie Mellon University, and taught a series of project courses in the HCII, working with various corporate, nonprofit, and start-up sponsors. She’s worked with partners such as Panasonic, Expedia, Bank of America, GE Healthcare, 3M, and NASA, among others.

Prior to Carnegie Mellon, Jenna worked for large software firms, small product firms, and co-founded her own boutique design firm.

Jenna’s diverse interests and experience have led her to become a leader in design education, product, process and organizational development, ethnographic research, usability evaluation, interaction and interface design and workshop facilitation.