Jacek Barcikowski

Country: Poland
Area of Expertise: User Experience, Interaction Design, Digital Product Design, Creative Leadership

Jacek is a Creative Director for British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), where he leads design teams developing digital products. The services he is responsible for focus on experience personalisation, user participation and use of personal data as tool for innovation. He is passionate about personal and delightful user experiences and he initiates and facilitates the cross-disciplinary collaboration that ensure the user centred design thinking is used throughout the organisation to drive product development. 

Having a degree both in Software Engineering and Interaction Design Jacek refers to himself as a Creative Technologist. He enjoys story telling, especially through the medium of photography and film. He has exhibited at MOMA (Talk to Me exhibition 2011) and has projects published in Touch of Code, Gestalten. He worked in various areas like academia, event organisation, online communities, digital media where he focused on connecting people and complex systems into joined up and delightful experiences. 

Jacek uses his skills to make people tick. As he leads teams and facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration he is deeply interested in understanding what motivates and drives people to do something both on the user experience side as well as in team environment. Enjoys a chance to talk about his experiences; making that happen at events where he confronts his assumptions with these of other people. 

Website: http://www.skylined.pl/