Hân Pham

Hân Pham is a trained jewellery designer and graduated in 2005 from Kolding School of Design (MA in industrial design). Hân is Danish with a Vietnamese background and has a daily base in Aarhus, Denmark.

She specializes in solving complex social and healthcare issues that often require insight and collaboration with other disciplines such as biology, anthropology, cultural geography, philosophy and sociology. Her design solutions are always based on the people and the context in which they are to be used. Her special ability is to boil down the enormous and complex volume of data to simple and universal design solutions that everyone can understand and utilize – regardless of nationality and cultural differences.

For the past 15 years, Hân has mainly working on developing products, services and dissemination in the field of healthcare, which she has managed to make a difference for staff, patients and their relatives through her design solutions. Also, she is a guest teacher at Kolding Design School in Empathic Design and Social Innovation for candidate students.

In her spare time, she is a mentor for newly educated designers and she is actively promoting Danish Design through design thinking in cooperation with The Danish Design Centre, Design Denmark and The Danish Foreign Ministry Affairs.

Her goal is not only to make good design, but also to have a positive influence on people through her work and design thinking. Her mission is to turn complex problems into simple and playful processes and design solutions.

In 2007 Hân won the Index Award: design to improve life for her safety container, Yellowone Needle Cap, which has since become part of the permanent exhibition at MoMA, New York City, USA. In 2016 she won the Danish Design Awards for her wearable handrub dispenser, Yellowone Handsafe, in the “Better Work” category. The product has also won a gold and silver award for “Safety Design” and “Design for public awareness” at the European Product Design Award, European Parliament in Bruxelles.