Filippo Cuttica

CIID alumnus Filippo Cuttica is a designer and artist based in London, UK. He is currently Creative Director at the BBC, helping the company through processes of digital transformation with a Human Centred Design approach.

His work focuses on multi-platform strategic innovation, as well as transforming working practices. He’s currently working on a new exciting product that will shape future listening habits. He’s passionate about how the public sector could lead the way to an approach to digital services that is alternative to other dominant paradigms.

Filippo is also co-founder of art group IOCOSE, whose speculative work focuses on how the narratives around technology, both utopian and dystopian, in the long run, will disappoint, leaving us with much more mundane, but also more varied and complex realities. Their work has been exhibited in places such as Tate Modern, Science Gallery, Jeu De Paume, and Venice Art Biennal.