Erlend Kyte

Visiting Faculty

Erlend specialises in user-centred design and has developed solutions for a range of corporate and not-for-profit clients in North America, Europe and Asia. He is currently working as a User Research / Interaction Design Specialist for Volvo Car Corporation.

Through user research and user involvement, co-creation and experience prototyping, Erlend’s main focus is user-centered design innovation. He devotes himself to the whole design journey; from the initial understanding of the needs of the people he designs for – to prototyping and galvanising the idea and in the end, developing the proper design solution(s). Through a strong methodical system on how to harvest and understand user needs, Erlend is highly adept in extracting the most valuable insights in any given scope and leveraging those insights in the design development.

With a strong skill-set in graphic design, storyboarding, motion graphics, production design, and high fidelity video prototyping, Erlend is capable of building strong scenarios for user journeys as well as taking the same skills into any given design solution. Erlend started his professional career as an Arctic Ranger in the Royal Norwegian Army, where he learned the importance of solid leadership, communication and teamwork as well as qualified decision making under extreme mental and physical conditions.

Specialties: Rapid prototyping, video prototyping, ethnographic research, user research, user testing, mock-ups, motion graphic design, graphic design, interaction design, brainstorming, team-building, design thinking