Derek Jennings

Visiting Faculty
Nationality: USA

Derek Jennings was raised in incubators of creative thought and expression- the studio lots and theater houses throughout the Greater Los Angeles area- by two, eclectic and headstrong interpretive artists. From the moment he could read, he was actively engaged and put to work – often reading scripts and discussing story, character development, and what resonates with the human psyche and heart with his parents. Not knowing any better, when asked what his parents did for a living as a little child, he would often innocently reply “audition.” Without question, this upbringing led him on an insatiable quest to engage and empower people through the art of storytelling- as expressed throughout its various mediums.

Since 2008, Derek has collaborated with CEO’s, development executives, senior project managers, producers, writers, and directors to ensure complete client satisfaction of branded content by managing campaigns from concept, to creation, to delivery and beyond in both the traditional tv and digital platforms. In 2011 Derek began working in television development on the CBS studio lot, eventually moving on to pitching and producing original content for a successful tech entrepreneur who specializes in digital publishing.

Since 2012 he has focused on the intersection of those two disciplines- founding Apotheosis Entertainment: A B2B service that produces digital, branded content for the mobile, web, and social space. As an entrepreneurial-minded content creator, Jennings had to exercise a keen ability to lead in a client-facing role, as well as wear many different hats and multi-task efficiently, in order to successfully procure and close out new business. It’s reinforced the values of resourcefulness, creativity, teamwork, clear and consistent communication, listening, organization, mindfulness, attention to detail, anticipation, positivity, persistence, and most important, fun, that are fostered amongst a successful unit from a trickle-down approach of humility and focus. This philosophy has afforded him progressively larger-scale opportunities as a freelance producer outside of his own company- increasing his knowledge of tech, business, social media trends, and the ability to communicate across them.

Jennings has worked alongside Project Management, Creative, UX, Account, Media and Technology teams for domestic and global brands such as IKEA, Google, PWC, Dick’s Sporting Goods, AT&T, M13, HSN, Animal Planet, Rambus, UBS, Verizon’s Go90, and frog Design, creating compelling, branded content that embeds multimedia and creative technology initiatives. Derek’s experience spans copywriting, project quality, project scheduling & management, project risk management, external project resources, line producing, segment producing, story producing, field producing, executive producing, and directing. Derek is always grateful for the opportunity to immerse himself in any provocative, progressive environment, and is excited to share his methodology and theory on delivering remarkably compelling content on time and beyond expectation with the CIID community.