David Gauthier

Associate Professor

David is a scientist. His work and teachings explore creative use of technologies as a mean to probe and develop future scenarios involving humans and machines. He has scientific and artistic research expertise in domains ranging from actuated textiles to viral communications.

Gauthier worked in various institutions, notably the MIT Media Laboratory, the Banff New Media Institute and the Hexagram Institute for Research/Creation in Media Arts and Technologies. He holds a Master of Science degree in Media Arts and Science from the MIT and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

His scientific research and collaborative artistic experiments have been published and exhibited internationally in conferences such as ICMC, SIGGRAPH, ISEA, ACE, CHI, and venues such as the Netherlands Media Art Institute (Amsterdam), Žižkov Television Tower (Prague), Museum of Science (Boston), Beall Center for Art and Technology (Irvine), and FOFA Gallery (Montréal).

David is currently based in Amsterdam, working on his PhD.