Dario Buzzini

Creative Director, Interaction Designer, Strategist, Educator

I am an interaction designer and my specialty is to design interfaces and user experiences for complex systems. I am a creative leader and in the past eight years I’ve been responsible for directing several design teams. Most recently (2011-2015) I’ve been responsible for the creative output of IDEO’s New  York City team which is more than 40 designers strong.

My day to day work is focused on consulting Fortune 500 clients tackling complex design challenges: From telecommunication, to financial services, to healthcare, to automotive & consumer electronics. In the past ten years, I’ve been working and collaborating with several international companies like Adidas, Artemide, AT&T, BBVA, Bosch, De’Longhi, Eli Lilly, Enel, Fiat, Ford, Motorola,  Novartis, Philips, Prada, Sanofi, Tecno & Telecom Italia.

My work has been published and exhibited in renowned newspapers, magazines and museums worldwide.

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