Caroline Arvidsson

Caroline is a senior service designer at IXDS. Her greatest passion as a designer is to research – she is always endeavouring to better understand people’s behaviours in contexts, and design services that answer those needs.

Before joining IXDS, Caroline has worked as a consultant, researcher, and teacher at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and at Mindlab, a cross-governmental innovation unit, to name but a few. Following a research initiative to better understand the situation for refugees along the national borders within Europe, she teamed up with two CIID colleagues and co-founded Refugee Text – a start-up designing information tools, such as chatbots, for refugees around Europe.

Caroline is driven by her curiosity and eagerness to design for human scale. She has a background in linguistics and is passionate about learning new languages. This supports her ambition to meet people at eye level. At IXDS, Caroline works in collaborative teams, with a focus on people-centred research, storytelling, as well as designing interesting tools to reach deep and meaningful insight.

A ceramicist by training, Caroline enjoys exploring this craft by the throwing wheel in her workshop, making everyday objects. She is a big fan of running as a means to explore a new neighbourhood, and she always carries her drawing book and sharpie to sketch people and everyday situations around her.