Arunima Singh

Arunima is a service designer at Studio 5B – the innovation and service design center of Dr.Reddy’s, one of India’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Arunima is currently based out of the United States, and is engaged in designing a service that helps smokers quit smoking for good.

Prior to her current project, Arunima spent two years designing a solution to simplify medicine management for chronic & elderly patients. Having worked in the healthcare space for the last six years, Arunima believes that the impact of healthcare, both preventive and curative, is a function of a comprehensive ecosystem comprising of many aspects: diagnosis, treatment, patient behaviour, cost, access, information, care givers, and other stakeholders. Given the complex landscape of healthcare and its enormous cost implications, impactful design will be a game-changer and technology integration will be a force-multiplier in enhancing the reach and quality of health care solutions, both at an individual and societal level.

Arunima also believes that powerful design will result in greater inclusiveness, breaking economic barriers and promoting patient-centricity, as against supplier centricity. Prior to her academic and professional foray into solution designing, Arunima was an entrepreneur and co-founder of Lucida, a visual design collective enterprise. In addition to her Master’s Degree in Interaction Design from CIID, which she graduated with honors, Arunima also holds a graduate degree in Development Studies and Photography Design.