Ana Amorim

Visiting Faculty, IDP Final Project Examiner – 2016

Ana Amorim is Senior Interaction Design at Google in London where she designs the next generation of core applications and services, Android OS, and Google Pixel devices. She is a designer with a broad range of experience who has worked on digital products and services since 2002.

At Nokia, Ana designed for young, hyper-social and rapidly evolving emerging markets like Africa, India and China working on solutions as diverse as SMS based apps, offline wayfinding and proxy-browsing. She was team lead for several core applications and services targeting S40 and Asha series devices.

At IDEO, she designed the first continuous blood monitoring device for Bayer which became the CONTOUR®NEXT LINK Meter wirelessly transmitting the user blood glucose test results to a compatible Medtronic insulin pump.

Ana is driven by the urge to make things that make people’s life simple, but rich. Starting from user research and insights, she leverages her design skills to create prototypes, interfaces, sketches and scenarios to reflect the user’s experience as a journey beyond a single product moment.

Ana graduated in 2006 from a Masters degree in Interaction Design from the Interaction Design Institute in Ivrea. Earlier, she studied Communication Design and Ergonomics on Information Systems Design at the University of Lisbon.