Amelia Juhl

Amelia Juhl is Design Researcher at IDEO Tokyo. Raised in an multi-cultural community in Tokyo, her whole life has been about engaging with people of differing values and perspectives. In her role, she enjoys using her natural empathy and open mind to understand what moves people. She is passionate about unlocking insights that connect to opportunities for design. 

Amelia brings with her over ten years of experience leading and running projects of all sizes, building and managing client relationships, and moves comfortably between strategic planning and execution. Prior to joining IDEO, Amelia was Associate Planning Director at Wunderman based in Tokyo. Working with multiple consumer brands, she led creative teams in translating consumer insights into meaningful digital experiences. Her clients included: Nissan, Microsoft and P&G. 

Her best childhood memories are of spending relaxed summers caring for horses while dreaming of becoming a horse whisperer. Today, she loves re-exploring the curiosities of the world with her young daughter.