Yulia Besplemennova

Country: Russia

Yulia was born in Vladikavkaz, Russia. When she was 17, she moved to Moscow to study Industrial design at Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology, where she graduated from last year. Her diploma project was about the interactive kitchen of the future. Its aim was to imagine possible interfaces for an intelligent house controlling system.

After Moscow Yulia decided to continue my design studies in Milano. Now she’s attending the masters course in Product Service System Design in Politecnico di Milano. Students there learn how to apply design thinking not only to the particular fields like industrial or graphic design, but to the whole system of products and services offered by any company.

As well as her interest in design, Yulia was always curious about technologies and computers. That’s why now she’s very excited by the emerging field of the tangible interfaces where she can apply all of her knowledge in the best way.