Sorin Spoiala

Country: Romania

Sorin is from Bucharest, Romania. His last name, Spoiala, in both literal and metaphorical sense means ‘superficial’. And indeed he is interested in superficial activities, like working in bank. While the rest of his time is spent doing less superficial things, like playing with his kid and taking pictures. With or without a camera.

He graduated from Military Academy and spent some time in the army. Then he was hired by a start-up company in telecom industry, that was later bought by Vodafone. Sorin worked as a solution consultant for an extensive period of time for France Telecom and graduated an MBA.

When he started to flirt with the idea of working in the financial industry, the 2008 crash came and found him already working for a bank. He is still there, trying to design investment products that will not scare the customers away.

Sorin is interested in learning things that are outside of his professional life in order to make unexpected connections between them.