Siri Johansson

Country: Sweden

Siri is an industrial designer educated at Konstfack, Stockholm and Art Center, Pasadena. Since graduating in 2008 she has worked at Myra Design in Stockholm, designing products and interactions. That last part has had a particular appeal and she will soon head back to school for graduate studies in Interaction Design.

Siri’s inspiration and enthusiasm is fueled by learning new things. Outside work she has recently studied cognitive science with a focus on intelligent technologies. As with many other hobby projects, she might never use that knowledge for anything in particular, but because it was curiosity that led the way, she still believes it was worthwhile.

With experience of designing professional equipment and medical devices as well as consumer products, Siri has long felt the need for better methods to prototype interactivity. She wants to learn more about physical as well as experiential interaction.

In the future, this knowledge will hopefully allow her to move freely between physical and intangible design, with the overarching goal of solving problems and enhancing experiences.