Sara Salsinha!

Country: Portugal

Sara studied Communication Design at de Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon. Despite the fact that her academic background was very conceptual with lots of investigation and a practical component of editorial and print design, she was always a very hands-on person. Every time she had a chance, she would dive in to the digital world ( the internet addict that she is) to create some kind of experience or curiosity factor.

Web design has always been the field were Sara wanted to work in, and she has had the luck to be doing just that. However, she thinks that extending her knowledge to different areas can bring something new to her everyday work and help create more than websites – experiences that bring a sparkling light to our routine.

Sara really likes to push herself in ways she wouldn’t expect when she wakes-up in the morning. She never ceases to feel the need to learn, listen, observe and search – and even in the smallest work, tries to learn something new and shake someone’s world even if it’s just 1.0 on the Richter scale.