Sally Nutt

Country: UK

Sally is a user experience (UX) researcher in Internet design. Her academic background is in Marketing Management.

Sally started working as a user research manager in 2005 at a small Internet start-up “XING” in Hamburg, Germany. Here she brought the user voice into the product design process. After that she moved back to London and consulted eBay as a UX expert. Working on large international products and also frequently connecting the employees with the users.

In two weeks time, Sally will go back to working client-side as a UX expert for Skype. Here, she intends to work more with agile, which feels like the most productive and satisfying way to work. When working agile, designers, developers, researchers and product managers get to work closely together, watch a lot of research, really connect with the user and provide all the input needed to move quickly forward and on the right path.

It is the norm now for UX experts to do research and be able to translate the findings into a prototype. Sally aims to explore how research findings can end up in a workable prototype, ready for either more research or development.