Ren-Whei Harn

Country: US

After graduating with a BFA in Visual Communications from the University of Kansas, Ren worked as a graphic designer for a scrapbooking company and freelanced for several high profile companies. She is now a graphic designer at a book publishing company in Kansas City, Missouri, and she has recently finished her first semester of an MA in Interaction Design, also at the University of Kansas.

A first generation Chinese-American, Ren is fluent in “Chinglish,” a seamless mixture of Chinese and English. With an open mind, she immerses herself easily into both Eastern and Western environments. She loves to travel, observe, and participate in other cultures, knowing that diverse beliefs and experiences manifest themselves in every designer’s products. In addition to design, Ren has studied a variety of subjects, from apprenticing in a culinary arts program, to being a disciple of a tea master in China.

When not working or studying, Ren likes to watch old movies, play Nintendo, and have water balloon wars. In a previous life, she believes that she may have been a gypsy with wanderlust and a penchant for super shiny shoes.