Mikell Fine Iles

Mikell is a designer based in Brooklyn, NY, originally from California. While growing up in the culturally diverse Mission district in San Francisco, Mikell became fascinated with the music, murals, and graffiti that engulfed the world surrounding him. He began drawing at an early age, focusing on the airline industry. Most exciting was the act of designing new airplane models, runway systems, and comprehensive airport maps.

Mikell went to undergrad at Clark Atlanta University, majoring in graphic design because it seemed to merge many of his interests into one industry.

Since 2002, Mikell has been working professionally, beginning with print design. His early experience was at JWT where Mikell was surrounded by extremely talented creatives from diverse backgrounds. From this experience he learned to appreciate the process of collaboration and has been able to implement it in his current position as Director of Design at a smaller, younger, more digital shop called noise. Mikell is still playing catch up to his more technologically advanced peers, but is excited by new technologies and the possibilities ahead.

In his spare time, Mikell enjoys making murals around New York City, and sometimes wishes he was a professional drummer.