Michael-Owen Liston 

Michael presently lives in Toronto, Canada. He was born in Vancouver, on the west coast.

He has worked extensively as a freelance musician over the past decade, touring extensively and performing at festivals throughout Canada, the US, UK, and Australia.

As a frontline mental health worker, Michael has provided services at several innovative mental health projects serving vulnerable populations, including North America’s first supervised injection site (InSite). His professional background also includes forays into ESL education and commercial trucking, to name a few.

In the field of Interaction Design, Michael is profoundly excited to have discovered a forum where he believes he can most fully deploy his skills and passion for creative collaboration, playful engagement, and seriously systematic challenges to deeply systemic problems. Where multi-disciplinary convergence is the order of the day, and Arduinos can save lives. He has, in short, drunk the “design thinking” kool-aid.

He is particularly fascinated at present by ubiquitous computing in public service delivery, the Internet of Things, and network art.

Michael is thrilled to be attending CIID’s 2011 summer workshop, and very much looks forward to sharing in the ideas, skills, and enthusiasm of all involved.