Marjolijn Kuyper

Country: The Netherlands

Marjolijn is known for creating the photo below, of which only her sister was able to guess what it shows. Long before this highlight in her life she was educated in Horticulture and in Agricultural Engineering.

She started work as a researcher in control engineering (e.g. irrigation control, cucumber harvesting robot) for a couple of years and then moved to a software design/dev job working on custom applications in agriculture and environmental sciences (e.g. desktop apps, RIA browser applets, websites, very often with a certain amount of GIS functionality). It was during this job that she gained a passion for the process side of the development life cycle and for how people experience products.

She is very driven in wanting to be involved in design, dev, management and the business side of things because she likes to mix and connect worlds

Currently Marjolijn lives in The Hague and works for Delft University of Technology. Her job is doing design/dev for public information systems in the library.