Mariano Velamazán Martínez

Country: Spain

Mariano’s life-long passions oscillate between visual arts and computer science.

He studied Audiovisual Communication and took a loooong course on Multimedia Production. He started to work as a video editor and producer.

At the turn of the century, Mariano discovered John Maeda. John’s work in Aesthetics and Computation Group and in Design By Numbers, opened a new field for him to explore. He decided he needed to study Computer Science and so he did. He also started his own studio trying to work on graphic design, educational applications, data visualisation and all of the kind of stuff he had always enjoyed and admired. He combined his studio with his classes on Flash, video editing and now, graphic design.

When Mariano is not working on all this, he can be found trying to convince his child to play Lego while his child is trying to convince him to play Gormitti.

Learning, design and technology are three words that together, he feels, hide some secret waiting to be revealed. By taking the summer school at CIID, he hopes to find some clues to solve this mystery.