Kostadinos Frantzis

Country: Greece

Kostadinos Frantzis was born and raised in Athens (Greece) but has lived for the past five years in Scotland, UK. He recently graduated with a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Dundee. During his academic studies he undertook a series of physical computing projects involving mainly web UI and environmental monitoring.

He has some working experience as a trainee in software development for a telecom manufacturer and in customer support for a telecom service provider. He also worked as a PR and Marketing team leader for the university’s student association for several years.

Kostadinos wants to dive deep into the waters of user interaction by exploring all its different forms so that he can become an electronic engineer usability expert one day.

When it comes to system design and engineering, Kostadinos believes that an effective system is one that achieves excellent functionality while maintaining simplicity, ease of use and efficient user interaction.

Some of his passions include electronic music, films and sports.