Gijs Huisman

Country: The Netherlands

Gijs is a PhD student at the Human-Media Interaction group at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands.

His research focuses on the user experience of smart, tangible interfaces. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and a cum laude Master’s degree in Communication Studies, New Media, Research, and Design.

His main interest lies in the way people experience technology. A continuously recurring theme in all his work is emotion. He has made efforts to more clearly define the concept of emotion in HCI, and has applied ways to measure emotions during interaction with interfaces.

During his studies, Gijs gained experience in using measurements such as facial electromyography, galvanic-skin response, and eye-tracking. In collaboration with SusaGroup, he has developed a self-report instrument for measuring emotional responses to visual interfaces, named LEMtool.

Outside of the academic world, Gijs enjoys anything funny, weird or otherwise interesting, ranging from sci-fi shows and video-games to designer furniture and fixed gear bicycles.