Annalisa Casati

Country: Italy

Annalisa is graduating with a BA in Industrial Design from the Politecnico di Milano, she spent last year in Finland thanks to an exchange program – and when she was sixteen, she lived for six months in Chile.

Annalisa loves baking and cooking, and these experiences abroad brought her alongside with new recipes and flavours, friends, ideas and a feeling for different cultures and lifestyles that left her with many questions about what people are, how they think and behave.

She doesn’t know yet what kind of design fits her best yet, that’s why she has decided to take a gap year after her graduation in which she will work and develop her personal interests to get closer to the answer.

Annalisa would especially like to develop her practical skills: learn how to sew, basics of electronics, basic html /coding, working with glass and to realise projects that mix natural and technological materials.

She believes one life is not enough to master all these abilities, which are extremely fascinating to her.

This is why she believes in teamwork and she always tries to do her best in everything.