This information is only relevant for the 2010 summer school. Details on future summer schools and other short courses will be announced via our mailing list.

Week One – Exploring Interaction Design (July 12th-16th)
Faculty: Matt Cottam & Maia Garau
The goal of this week is to introduce participants to the core concepts involved with interaction design through brief lectures, hands on exercises, film viewings and discussions. Computer hardware/software will not used in the exercises — it will be an analogue experience of digital interaction concepts. Topics include mental models, metaphors, affordances, usability, gestures, networks, sociality, and augmentation. More information here

Week Two – Computational Design (July 19th-23rd)
Patrick Kochlik -The Product
The course will begin with an introduction to computational design strategies. What is software? What are the processes? And systems? Participants will investigate the manifold potentials of software. Looking at software as a concept for describing processes, as a medium for describing interactivity, and as a tool for telling stories.

Week Three – Physical Computing (July 26th- 30th)
Faculty: Massimo Banzi
Aimed at students, artists, and designers or anyone who wants to learn the basics of Arduino, simple electronics and building interactive projects – this five-day workshop will be led by one of the Arduino team and will act as a catalyst to enable participants to turn their ideas in to physical realities.