INDEX Summer Camp 2007

As part of the INDEX: 2007 events, CIID was asked to run a three week summer camp for over 30 students who had been invited from institutions all over the world. The aim of the camp was to encourage user-centered design and innovation methodologies among future generations of designers.

Global Challenges and Intercultural Dialogue

Working in groups on a theme of Global Challenges and Intercultural Dialogue, participants gained understanding of how to identify a problem, how to generate and test concepts, how to rapidly prototype solutions and how to best communicate their final concepts to a relevant audience. Through a ‘bottom up’ approach – using individuals as a starting point – students developed new solutions for issues that will have an impact on people all around the world.

The summer camp students were a fantastically motivated group of young people – talented and creative with a passion for using design as a tool for real world solutions.