Prototyping as a Process

This workshop will introduce the power of using prototyping as a process to help you communicate, iterate, and validate new ideas and concepts.

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Workshop Dates: February 10-14, 2020

Faculty:  Shamik Ray & Martina Pagura

What is this workshop?

This workshop focuses on the value of prototyping fast and often, regardless of previous design experience, and introduces different prototype fidelities, tips and tricks, and processes for planning and measuring the success of a prototype. We will demonstrate how to prototype at different scales, from interfaces, to products, to entire services.

What will you learn?

  • Why we prototype and the value of different prototyping techniques
  • A framework to understand the prototyping process
  • How to know what level of fidelity (low, mid, high) to use for a prototype
  • Paper-prototyping for early stage discovery and idea-generation
  • How to use Figma to rapidly create interactive prototypes
  • How to use role-playing and video storytelling techniques to build empathy and communicate your idea.
  • How to gather user feedback on prototypes.

What you will not learn?

As this is a foundational workshop aimed at beginners, it will not cover advanced prototyping techniques that use: 

  • Hardware/electronics.
  • Programming languages
  • Motion graphics software 

How will you learn it?

Each day a new prototyping technique will be introduced through hands-on learning, building on previous techniques. Participants will explore the pros and cons of different techniques and learn when and how to apply different prototyping processes to different stages of a project.

Working in teams, participants will quickly learn to think and communicate through prototypes, deconstruct problems, and create and test new ideas. We will prototype to increase curiosity, engagement and participation across a team, learn directly from our target audience, identify possible friction-points early on, and easily communicate a design vision.

Is this for you?

Yes, if you are a beginner keen to take your first steps into the world of design prototyping. This course is foundational and ideal for people with little or no previous experience but a strong desire to learn and experiment with hands on techniques.

Expertise level of the workshop?


What do you need to bring to the workshop?

You only need to bring yourself, a computer, and an open mind!

Resources for preparation:

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