Designing for Inclusion

Build empathy and breaking down bias

Workshop Dates: April 23–27, 2018

Keywords: Empathy, Diversity, Cultural Awareness, User-centered design, Research, Insights, Storytelling.

While human-centered design is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, certain audiences can often be forgotten about in many of the mainstream design solutions. Designing for true inclusivity means investigating, understanding, and ultimately, elevating the things that make us different. This class will help you design for those differences by thinking about new ways to plan for discussions and collaborations with real users, explore the art of empathy, and apply those insights into to a tangible solution with a meaningful story. Jump into the belly of the beast, and expect lots of collaboration, experimentation, and learning through doing in this provocative workshop.

Learning expectations:

Understand Bias: Learn how to identify and unpack our own biases.

Design for Empathy: Understand how to design with vulnerable communities and cultural differences.

 Research Planning: Learn to plan a thoughtful approach to research and experience real-world immersion.

 Insights to Action: Translate insights into tangible and relevant ideas

Storytelling: Share stories about discoveries, insights, and design solutions.

None, though a basic understanding of human-centered design is helpful but not necessary

Minnie Bredouw
Chris Meierling