Service Design

Acquire the fundamental tools and mindset of a service designer in this one-week intensive hands-on workshop.

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Workshop Dates: August 19-23, 2019

Faculty: Simon Herzog & Nuria Solsona

What is Service Design?

Services are made up of many touch points: printed materials, websites, face-to-face contact, physical objects and more. Designing a service is a complicated task. In this one week workshop we aim to provide participants with skills to understand user needs, come up with great service ideas, communicate these ideas well and finally prototype aspects of a service with real users.

What will you learn?

  • key tools of service design, including journey maps, service blueprints, and experience prototyping
  • facilitating stakeholder engagement and co-creation
  • how to develop a perspective on what service design means to you and ways that you can incorporate the methods into your work

How will you learn it?

Over the course of the week, participants will work in small teams to design and prototype a service. Teams will understand and map systems, co-create with customers and stakeholders, prototype the experience, and experiment with storytelling to communicate their new service. A large focus will be on the service designer’s role in facilitating input from many stakeholders — from the executive to the sales associate — in creating a service.

We will work on the streets using various methods to explore user insight. We’ll learn how to generate ideas and run an ideation session, turn our user journeys into experience prototypes, test these with users and present the output to the class. The skills you learn will be transferable across different sectors and scales of service. Expect a hands-on week, with lots of collaboration, experimentation and results that are sure to be innovative and surprising.

Is this for you?

Yes, if you wish to immerse yourself in the system-thinking mindset of a service designer and gain the ability to look at a service both as an overall experience as well as a series of moments that are or can be designed.

Be prepared to go out and speak to strangers. You do not need to have any prior of knowledge of design.

What do you need to bring to the workshop?

  • A computer

Enrol now: There is a maximum number of 20 places available for each workshop, first come first served. Enrolment will be closed when the workshops are full.

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