Sound Based Interactions

Investigations of sound as a material for creative storytelling and sense-making. A hands-on workshop in the creation, capture, and manipulation of sound.

Workshop Dates: July 17 – 21, 2017

Sound Design, Audio, Storytelling

Sound rarely finds itself at the forefront of interaction design, and yet it is perhaps our most ubiquitous sensory medium. In this workshop we will “re-learn” to engage with sound as a material, and explore creative approaches to the creation, capture, and manipulation of audio. Our goal will be to expand our understanding of the potential for audio in our creative projects, by shaping compelling experiences and interactions in sound.

Learning expectations:
This collaborative workshop will be of interest to anyone who is curious about the creative uses of sound as a material. We will explore a variety of digital tools for creation, capture, and manipulation (e.g. Digital Audio Workstations such as Audacity, Ableton Live, etc., and open source visual programming language Pure Data), but the workshop will emphasize developing literacy, creative capacity, and enthusiasm for engaging with sound as a material, vs. expertise in any particular platform. Participants will work together throughout the week on a series of smaller explorations on various aspects of analog and digital sound creation and capture, culminating in an experiential “storytelling” project, using techniques practiced throughout the week.

There are no prerequisites for this workshop. A laptop computer is highly recommended, however, and participants are encouraged to bring any audio equipment they may have (especially field recorders and microphones). Participants with prior experience audio-related fields should be aware that the workshop is intended to be broadly accessible, and should contact the facilitators beforehand if they have any questions about the workshop’s suitability.

Michael-Owen Liston
Dafydd Hughes