Service Design

Explore the makings of Service Design in this collaboration-heavy, hands-on, one-week workshop with some of Europe’s leading consultants in Service Design thinking.

Workshop Dates: July 17 – 21, 2017

strategic, digital, physical


Services are made up of many touch points: printed materials, websites, face-to-face contact, physical objects and more. Designing a service is a complicated task. In this one week workshop we aim to provide participants with skills to understand user needs, come up with great service ideas, communicate these ideas well and finally prototype aspects of a service with real users.
The format of the course will take the form of a set project/design space, and will be taught using presentations of techniques and examples, mixed with practical experience. Participants will work in small groups to create a service in 5 days.
We will work on the streets of Copenhagen using various methods to explore user insight. We’ll learn how to generate ideas and run an ideation session, turn our user journeys into experience prototypes, test these with users and present the output to the class. The skills you learn will be transferable across different sectors and scales of service. Expect a hands-on week, with lots of collaboration, experimentation and results that are sure to be innovative and surprising.

Learning expectations:
Participants will:

      Learn how to navigate through a pre-defined brief.
      Use various research techniques to get a more in-depth understanding of the context
      Formulate your analysis into design challenges and facilitate a free brainstorm
      Transition ideas into concepts using user scenarios
      Use low-fidelity paper prototypes as props
      Employ different lo-fi experience prototyping methods and their affordances
    Document and communicate the design process


John Lynch
Caroline Arvidsson