People Centred Research – Exit the Echo Chamber

Exit the Echo chamber. How to stop designing for yourself and empathise with your users.

Workshop Dates: July 17 – 21, 2017

Keywords: Design research, User-centered design, Empathy, Synthesis, Basic methods


Design teams often risk only viewing the world from their own perspective and designing for (people like) themselves. Learn the basics of reaching out to people with varied views, empathising with them and translating their needs into design.

In this week, you will learn how to interview and engage people in different ways to get meaningful feedback. You will capture those learnings in a manner that helps inspire a design team. Through synthesis you will extract the nuggets of insight to guide the design intention and inspire new directions going forward.

People-centered research is the fuel that drives the design process, gets everyone aligned on the users’ need and goals and energises and inspires teams to act.

Learning expectations:
Participants will:

  • Learn the fundamental tools and methods of people-centred design and develop a process framework for projects.
  • Learn a process that focuses on discovering new design directions, rather than executing them.
  • Experience a deep dive into field research techniques, team based analysis, storytelling of research data and the translation from insights to ideas.
  • Share, discuss, and challenge the meaning and opportunities design research presents.

Participants will need a high level of spoken and written English. Be prepared to go out and speak to strangers. Knowledge of basic design and presentation tools is a plus.

Shruti Ramiah
Momo Miyazaki