Introduction to Programming for Designers

Learn to explore and express design concepts through code. Bring sophisticated prototypes to life using a mix of new and familiar tools.

Workshop Dates: June 26 – 30, 2017

Keywords: Programming, Prototyping, Design

This workshop is an introduction to programming as it relates to software prototyping. The goal is not to make you a software engineer, but rather a designer who “knows enough code to be dangerous.” In other words, light on theory and tedious math, heavy on getting computers to just do stuff.

We’ll primarily focus on prototyping software interfaces through a series of small projects, though the final project will provide interested participants an opportunity to prototype both software and hardware.

Learning expectations:
In addition to programming fundamentals, participants will cultivate an intuition around how and when to apply the following skills:

  • Making things move
  • Adding interactivity with event-listening
  • Utilizing networked services (APIs, etc.)
  • Incorporating other people’s work with libraries
  • Communicating between browsers in real-time
  • Basic database reading and writing

This workshop is best suited for practicing designers and design students wishing to expand their skills — some experience in visual and/or interaction design is encouraged.

Hardware Requirements: Apple computer with OSX 11 or above. Some of the tools we’ll use for this workshop are not optimized for PCs, unfortunately. There are workarounds, so if you have a PC and are highly motivated to attend, feel free to do so — just be warned that you may be a bit more constrained than Apple peers.

Software Requirements: Sketch or Photoshop strongly suggested.

Annelie Berner
Peter Kuhberg